Trump briefly steps into the North – Making him the first sitting U.S. leader to do so.

Trump briefly steps into the North – Making him the first sitting U.S. leader to do so.

Despite making history, President Trump is being accused by Julian Castro (D-TX) of, “raising the profile of a dictator”. His meeting with Kim Jung-Un has undoubtedly fanned the flames amongst the opposing side. Although Trump will go down in history as the first US President to step foot into North Korea, many of his Democratic opponents are shaming him for doing so.

Senator Bernie Sanders has reportedly stated that he has “no problem” with Trump meeting with Kim Jung-Un. The issue he does have is with Trump’s though his “incredible inconsistencies.”

During an interview on ABC’s “This Week” Sanders said, “I don’t want it simply to be a photo opportunity, the whole worlds media was attracted there.”

When Senator Amy Klobuchar appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union,” her response to the unofficial meeting seemed unoptimistic. “I don’t think we know it works until there is results.” Klobuchar told CNN news journalist, Brianna Keilar.

Following in his fellow presidential nominees footsteps, the Joe Biden Campaign put out the following statement criticizing the President’s decision to meet with Jung-UN.

“President Trumps coddling dictators at the expense of American national security and interests is one of the most dangerous ways he diminishing us on the world stage and subverting our values as a nation. this past week yet again fawned over Kim Jong-Un — to whom he’s made numerous concessions for negligible gain — joked with Vladimir Putin about our election security and “getting rid” of journalists, and even expressed sympathy for turkey by buying Russian missiles,” the former vice president’s spokesman Andrew bates said in a statement , “His conduct reinforces that we urgently need a president who can restore our standing in the world, heal relationships with key allies Trump has alienated, and deliver real change for the American people.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren responded on Twitter saying,

Our President shouldn’t be squandering American influence on photo ops and exchanging love letters with a ruthless dictator. Instead we should be dealing with North Korea through principled diplomacy that promotes US security, defends our allies and upholds human rights.”

Although Trump is getting pounded by Democrats for crossing into North Korea to meet with Kim Jung-Un, there are some that support this monumental moment between the feuding nations.

South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, is praising the meeting saying that even a brief encounter, “would be a significant milestone in the peace process on the Korean peninsula.”

Now whether this meeting is commended or condemned, one fact still remains the same. Those few steps changed history forever.


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