Ocasio-Cortez Battles with Immigration Officials – Hypocrisy Accusations Sparked

Ocasio-Cortez Battles with Immigration Officials – Hypocrisy Accusations Sparked

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) refutes claims that she is misleading the public on the conditions of the migrant detention facility she recently toured in Texas.  She accused border agents of cramming immigrant women in cramped cells with only toilet water to drink from and child neglect such as denying medical attention.
In an interview on Fox News’ “American Newsroom” Former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich had this to say:
“People like AOC create the disaster, refuse to fix it, vote against funding to help people and then go down there to attack the people who are saying to her, ‘we don’t have enough money, we don’t have enough facilities,’” 
He went on to call her “viciously dishonest.” This comment comes after last week’s vote on a bill for additional border funding.  Law makers voted on a bipartisan bill that would provide $4.6 billion in funding towards housing and properly caring for the immense flow of detained immigrants.  Ocasio-Cortez’s vote was quoted as a “hell no” and she is now facing harsh judgment from her peers.  
The freshman democratic representative would not budge on her response without the bill including restrictions on immigration enforcement. Ocasio-Cortez insists that the immigration problem is “not” a funding problem but rather it is “deeper” and “systemic” in nature.
On Fox News’ “The Story” which aired Tuesday, Republican GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas responded saying,
“What they’re really doing is trying to stand on their moral high horse and sling arrows at everybody else while not offering a solution.”  
“They fought us tooth and nail against that $4.6 [billion] in humanitarian aid the president needed, that DHS needed”

Former political consultant, Kellyanne Conway, took to twitter with a post saying,
“How many migrant women did @AOC help by voting AGAINST the $4.6 billion bipartisan humanitarian aid that is FOR THEM”

The young democratic representative counter-attacked her critic in a tweet saying:
“How many migrant women has Kellyanne Conway touched?  Hugged?  Sat on a concrete floor with?  Actually listened to?  The answer is none.  Her actions show she doesn’t believe all human beings are worthy of basic dignity.  That’s why she defends and muddies the clear and indefensible.”
In a separate tweet Ocasio-Cortez said,
“Are CBP officers waking up women in the middle of sleep a ‘funding’ problem?  Is calling migrants ‘filthy’ ‘whores’ a funding problem?  Is threatening violence on member of Congress a ‘funding’ problem?”  
“No, it’s not.  It’s a far deeper, systemic, more violent problem than that.”

The DHS inspector general recently released a startling report exposing the overcrowded South Texas detention facilities and included photos of migrants jammed into packed cells and behind fences. Another photo shows some migrants sleeping on the floor with nothing but an aluminum blanket to comfort them.  The report stated that some migrants had to go as far as to clog their toilets with blankets and socks to be let out only to refuse to reenter the standing-room-only cells after they had been cleaned.
In a letter to the director of the Government Accountability Office-OIG Liaison Office, Jim Crumpacker, Acting Inspector General Jennifer Costello said,
“The current situation on the Southern Border represents an acute and worsening crisis,”  “Our immigration system is not equipped to accommodate a migration pattern like the one we are experiencing now.”

   So, are the detention facilities abusing immigrants simply seeking asylum?  Or are we being misinformed by those trying to use the controversial crisis as a part of their political agenda?  It’s hard to come to a conclusion amidst the conflicting stories of what is and what isn’t, what is factual and what is embellished. The only thing to do is take the information we are given and filter it the best we can. We will leave it to the people to decide.


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