Congresswoman Veronica Escobar & Staff Secretly Coach Asylum Speakers

Congresswoman Veronica Escobar & Staff Secretly Coach Asylum Speakers

According to the Washington Examiner Congresswoman Veronica Escobar(D-TX) has been sending her staff to the Mexican town of Ciudad Juárez to coach asylum seekers on how to exploit a loophole to get back into the country.
Under the “Remain in Mexico” policy, anyone who is returned to Mexico must be fluent in Spanish. The reasoning is that the migrant may have to spend up to five years waiting for a U.S federal judge to hear the case. Under the direction of Escobar, her staff has been coaching Central American migrants to pretend that they cannot speak English. The staff is then escorting the selected migrants back through to the port of entry to be allowed back into the country.  

A Union Representative for CBP officials said,

“What we’re hearing from management is that they’re attempting to return
people, and the story was changed in Mexico, where a person who
understood Spanish before now doesn’t understand — where a person who didn’t have any health issues before now has health issues.”

The article also describes how Escobar and her staff have requested interviews with 6,000 migrants who have been returned within the last month. Another CBP official told them that they learned that those staff members who have been doing the interviews were apparently wearing recording devices.

The Washington Examiner was told by a former George W. Bush administration immigration judge, Mark H. Metcalf, that the Democratic Rep. was likely

“more of a stunt than a genuine threat to the integrity of the process.” and that “She’s trying to obviously say these people have been wrongly denied their claims and they’re waiting when they shouldn’t be,”

Metcalf told The Examiner however, that Escobar could be found complicit to perpetrate fraud for knowingly giving false statements for interviews, conversations, and documents to U.S officials.

The piece also goes on to share a few incidents of what has perspired including,

“In one incident, an Escobar aide and diocese official walked a male
migrant over the bridge in June and asked for him to be admitted into
the U.S. because they had found he had “cognitive disabilities.”
Officers took the boy and turned the case over to the Border Patrol,
where an agent found a Constituent Information and Privacy Release Form with the U.S. House of Representatives seal on it inside the 17-year-old’s file. Two officials said the paper would have to have been
put in his file while he was interviewed in Mexico and was not supposed
to have been left there because it would reveal to the Border Patrol
that a member of Congress or their staff was meeting with migrants in

With this latest revelation we expect and hope to see a full investigation into these allegations by CBP and DHS promptly.


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