Judicial Watch Victory to Clean Voter Registration

Judicial Watch Victory to Clean Voter Registration

On July 15th Judicial Watch confirmed that in June, Kentucky sent out 250,000 address verification notices to voters who are believed to have moved. This was due to a consent agreement between Judicial Watch and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Kentucky acknowledged that they are not compliant with the Voter Registration Act. Kentucky’s reasoning behind not maintaining their voter registration is due to their lack of funding. Since 2008 Kentucky State Board of directors have failed to receive enough money to properly maintain procedures to keep voter rolls clean. In the consent agreement Kentucky admitted,

“Due to this lack of funding, the practices currently in place in Kentucky do not comply with NVRA’s requirement that states conduct a general voter registration list maintenance program that makes a reasonable effort to remove ineligible persons from the voter rolls due to change in residence outside of the jurisdiction.”

Unfortunately this consent agreement was signed over a year ago. There seems to have been problems with a politician subverting efforts to mail out the address verification letters. According to Judicial Watch,

“Democrat Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes’s office has been accused of improperly delaying the processing of previous mailings through 2018, delaying the final clean up for Kentucky’s voting rolls by at least two years.”

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said,

“Thanks to Judicial Watch, Kentucky is taking action to begin the removal of up to 250,000 voters from its lists of registered voters, which will help ensure cleaner elections in the Bluegrass State. This is another major victory for cleaner elections…”

This isn’t the first time this year Judicial Watch has had a huge win for cleaning up a state’s voter rolls. In June they reported that California was gearing up to start the process of cleaning up their voter registration. Due to that settlement reached, California agreed to notify 1.5 million inactive voters in Los Angeles County who have possibly moved, died, or have become ineligible to vote. That result triggered the California Secretary of State to notify other California counties to clean their voter registration to comply with the National Voters Registration Act.

This isn’t only a court victory for Judicial Watch, but a victory for all Americans. Everyone in the country should want their state to maintain proper voter registration so their voice is heard. Any illegal vote made cancels out one of ours. We need integrity in our voting system and every state needs to always act in accordance with the law.





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