U.S. District Judge Richard Berman tentatively set the date for June 8th, but may revisit the subject at a later time. This comes a week after Epstein allegedly attempted suicide, although some sources say it may have been an attempt by Epstein to get a transfer to another facility, others say it may have been an assault on Epstein.

The judge has denied bail and is also not allowing Epstein to remain under house arrest at his 77 million dollar NYC apartment, even though Epstein offered to pay for the security to keep him there, due to a recent ruling.

More recently, information has been coming out regarding Epstein’s apparent fascination with transhumanism, or as is cited, a desire to “seed” many women with his DNA and the DNA of Nobel laureates to ‘strengthen the human gene pool.’

As well, we are hearing more about his character: a serial illusionist, an effective liar.. many were swayed by the dangling of financial grants and smooth talk and didn’t think so much about his ‘sexual transgressions.’

We will continue to update as we learn more. Please feel free to read more on this subject in the sources below.






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