Mainstream Media Fails Horribly Once Again

Mainstream Media Fails Horribly Once Again

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Over the past week and change, mainstream media have outed themselves once again as politically biased, and unwilling to present truthful news.

It started with CNN’s Don Lemon. On July 29th Don Lemon had on as a guest Pastor Bill Owens. Owens is the president of the coalition of African-American pastors, and had just finished meeting with President Trump. This meeting coincided with the president’s attacks of how Elijah Cummings runs his district.

Rather than discuss what the pastors and president talked about, or what the community plans on achieving, Don Lemon decided to hone in solely on President Trump’s “racism“. For example one question asked by Lemon was,

“So the president tweeted today he was looking forward to his meeting with wonderful inner-city pastors. Any concern for you that the president used this meeting with black leaders to insulate himself from the criticism?”

Rev. Owens responded by saying,

“I don’t think so. I don’t think that at all because I have been to the White House four times in five months. There was nothing about insulating from anything. He wanted to hear from us, what our concerns were and what he could do to help us.”

Lemon continued to ask questions aimed at trying to get the reverend to insinuate the president was a racist. When Lemon couldn’t get the pastor to budge, he decided to try and attack the pastor with false quotes.

To make matters worse as soon as Lemon tried to take on the pastor’s veracity, the chyron on the bottom of the screen turned from “faith leaders meeting with Trump” to “controversial pastor“.

The fact Don Lemon continues to call himself a journalist and not a opinion show host, proves mainstream media has lost its credibility.

MSNBC was the next network to have some serious issues this week. First, we had Joe Scarborough go on a tirade about how President Trump’s donors are funding a “white supremacist campaign.”

In part of his rant he said,

“Leaders of business in America are supporting that sport of white supremacy. They are funding that man and his hate campaign that gives inspiration to white supremacists and white supremacy. For those of you funding Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, you may want to take not. Because you keep writing checks to this president, it’s on you. It really is. It’s all on you because you are funding this white supremacist campaign.”

Journalists are supposed to provide us with the facts. We do not watch news to get the opinion of some guy whining on his soap box. Scarborough has the right to his opinion, but it is not the news nor is it factual. The funny thing is that he and his wife gave Trump a platform to campaign on back in 2016. So one who thinks like Scarborough could surmise from that fact that he actually aided in Trump’s campaign of “white supremacy“.

Worse of all is the fact that he is trying to demonize anyone who tries to associate themselves with Trump. Since when are news reporters the moral compass of the United States? Since when did news begin to tell us what is and isn’t racist, before the people decide?

MSNBC continued their failures by having host Nicolle Wallace stir the pot of racism by claiming that Trump was, “talking about exterminating Latinos.” There was no validity to her statement. She decided rather than end the divisive behavior and rhetoric, to double down and accuse Trump of something that was never said.

The new conspiracy network added a cherry on top when they had on as a guest Frank Figluizzi. In what we would expect to be satirical, he went on to explain how Trump deciding to raise the American flag on August 8th is a subtle nod to white supremacy and Hitler. According to Figluizzi 8/8 could be construed as H/H, which in turn obviously spells out “Heil Hitler“.

One can only wonder why MSNBC and CNN are losing viewers every month. The people of the United States don’t need to hear these anchor’s opinions or conspiracies. The people need news that’s factual and fair, so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families. The news doesn’t have the right to make that decision for us.

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