President Trump Standing With Venezuela and it’s People — Thirty Sanctions Issued to Freeze Maduro Regime.

President Trump Standing With Venezuela and it’s People — Thirty Sanctions Issued to Freeze Maduro Regime.

In an effort to support those negatively effected by the Maduro regime, President Donald Trump has demanded that all their U.S.-based assets be frozen. The White House announced the decision during a press release on Tuesday stating they were “cutting off financial resources from Maduro and his cronies” whilst “isolating the regime from the global financial system”. The statement reads,

“This action is not against the Venezuelan people, but against Maduro and his ongoing humans rights abuses.”

“Maduro continues to rob the Venezuelan people of their resources while the people face a horrifying humanitarian crisis. The United States has taken careful measures to help provide the Venezuelan people with access to humanitarian aid, including food and medicine.”

The President’s executive order issued on August 6th is inflicting new sanctions on the Maduro regime. Trump gave authority to the Secretary of the Treasury to impede all Venezuelan Government equity within United States jurisdictions. The order specifically targets Maduro enablers along with those who subvert the National Assembly of Venezuela and Interim President, Juan Guaido.

There have been 30 sanctions issued targeting 200 individuals and entities from the country’s state-run oil company Petroleum of Venezuela (PDSVA) all the way to senior military personnel. Maduro’s central financial outlets, the Venezuelan Central Bank and the Venezuelan Development Bank, have also been sanctioned. Since January the United States has retracted more than 700 Visas and over 100 of those belonged to former regime diplomatic personnel.

We have yet to determine if these sanctions have in any way hindered the countries, already critical, crisis of economic and humanitarian drifts. The regime receives vast financial and military assistance from their allies, Russia and China, so we cannot say with certainty that our financial blockade will cripple their power. One thing is certain, these newly issued sanctions exhibit the passion and dedication the President has for Venezuela and its people for a greater democracy.

“The people of Venezuela are standing for freedom and democracy, and the United States of America is standing right by their side”

– President Donald J. Trump


Author: 777 Media Source