Epstein Attorneys Challenge Autopsy Results

Epstein Attorneys Challenge Autopsy Results

On Friday the New York City medical examiner released her findings on the Epstein case. The medical examiner’s conclusion is that Epstein committed suicide by hanging.

“Today, Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Barbara Sampson released the following statement:
After careful review of all investigative information, including complete autopsy findings, the determination of the death of Jeffrey Epstein is below–

Cause: Hanging
Manner: Suicide

Epstein’s lawyers stated that they were unsatisfied with the results of the medical examiner. They will now conduct their own investigation into their client’s untimely, yet convenient death. Epstein’s lawyers released the following statement,

“No one should die in jail. The defense team fully intends to conduct its own independent and complete investigation into the circumstances and cause of Mr. Epstein’s death including if necessary legal action to view the pivotal videos–if they exist as they should.”

Earlier this week it was reported that Epstein had suffered from multiple broken bones in his neck, including a bone called the hyoid. What raised eyebrows about this is, usually when the hyoid is broken it is a sign of strangulation, not suicide.

Dr. Cyril Wecht went on Fox to discuss the autopsy of Epstein, and he claimed that a hyoid bone wont break from a hanging in which the person only leans to put pressure on the throat.

“Leaning forward in my opinion would not lead to what we have been told are multiple fractures…If there are fractures of the thyroid cartilage, the Adam’s Apple in the association with the hyoid bone that is highly suspicious and in my opinion extremely unlikely to be caused by a leaning into type of suicide hanging.”

As of now this case is still not over by a long shot. We are still waiting to see the video footage from in front of Epstein’s cell as well as for the officers on duty that morning to actually give proper statements, which they have avoided up to this point.

With the Bureau of Prisons, Department of Justice, FBI, and Epstein’s attorneys investigating the circumstances leading up to Epstein’s death, we expect there to be a complete timeline of what exactly happened that morning.




Author: 777 Media Source