4chan User Claims Credit For Lawrence O’Donnell Deutsche Bank Hoax

4chan User Claims Credit For Lawrence O’Donnell Deutsche Bank Hoax

On Tuesday MSNBC anchor Lawrence O’Donnell claimed that he had a source that told him Trump had loans from Deutsche Bank with Russian oligarchs as the co-signers.

“Deutsche Bank is in possession of loan documents that show Donald Trump has obtained loans with co-signers and that he would not have been able to obtain those loans without co-signers. The source close to Deutsche Bank says that the co-signers of Donald Trump’s Deutsche Bank loans are Russian billionaires close to Vladimir Putin.”

President Trump’s attorney, Charles Hader sent a letter, in response to O’Donnell’s claims, to NBC demanding a retraction of the news story or face a potential lawsuit.

Here is the letter sent by Trump’s attorney.

After receiving the letter, O’Donnell went to Twitter to issue an apology for his “error in judgement”.

O’Donnell then went onto his television show to reiterate his apology.

“Last night on this show I discussed information that wasn’t ready for reporting. I repeated statements a single source told me about the president’s finances and loan documents with Deutsche Bank. Saying ‘if true’ as I discussed the information was not good enough. I did not go through the rigorous verification and standards process here at MSNBC before repeating what I head from my source. Had it gone through that process I would not have been permitted to report it. I should not have said it on air or posted it on Twitter. I was wrong to do so. This afternoon, attorneys for the president sent us a letter asserting the story is false. They demanded a retraction. Tonight we are retracting the story. We don’t know whether the information is inaccurate. But the fact is, we do know it wasn’t ready for broadcast, and for that I apologize.”

The interesting part of this story, however, is a user on 4chan claimed credit for O’Donnell now being, “disgraced and discredited”. The user also posted a screenshot of an email he supposedly sent to O’Donnell, claiming to be the wife of a Chief Loan Officer at Deutsche Bank when Trump applied for his loans.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the screenshot doesn’t have a date or time for the message being sent, it cannot be confirmed that this is true. To take the words from Lawrence O’Donnell, “if true” it would provide another piece of evidence showing that the media is willing to take down Trump at all costs. Though this user’s claim cannot be confirmed, O’Donnell still has to wear the badge of shame for providing the American people with fake news.


Author: 777 Media Source