8-Chan Owner Provides Private Testimony to Congress

8-Chan Owner Provides Private Testimony to Congress

Although the session regarding the “only platform featuring a full commitment to free speech” (from 8chan’s owner) was ironically private, the owner did provide the public with a statement, clearly stating that he has no intention of “deleting constitutionally protected hate speech” bringing a tear to the eye of every red-blooded American and every human on earth that believes in human rights such as the freedom to publish, assemble, and speak. From the statement:

“As Justice Brandeis reasoned, ‘If there be time to expose through discussion the falsehood and fallacies, to avert the evil by the processes of education, the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence.'”

“Unlike platforms like Facebook or Twitter, there are no “speech police” to shut down poorly formed opinions, popular conspiracy theories, or hateful monologues.”

Of note, in his statement, the website owner claims to have complied with 56 U.S. law enforcement requests, just in 2019. Although he did state that number is higher than usual and that they regularly get between 0 and 2 requests per month.

Sadly, it seems 8chan’s owner is working on a chilling effect that “during an emergency” there would be a “way to restrict certain parts of the website” such as a “read-only mode” but promised the site would be back after the testimony, repeatedly.

One thing to note, at the end of 8chan owner’s statement:

“If 8chan comes back online, it will be done when 8chan develops additional tools to counter illegal content under United States law.” Referring to the aforementioned global policing of criminal speech, and that

“If 8chan returns, staff would implement a way to restrict certain parts of the website during a state of emergency.”

And as troubling as the ‘if’s’ are, he ended with a well-known anti-speech statement, lumping in hate speech (constitutionally protected) with criminal speech such as making threats:

“No single platform can sensibly prevent all hateful, illegal, or threatening speech—it can only act in due time to remove it.”

8chan is still offline, even though 8chan’s owner has claimed to have existing contracts with new companies like tucows and epiks.

“We will remain offline until *at least* September 5, 2019” the site’s administrator recently stated in a post on Twitter.

*UPDATE* 8chan’s owner says that the site could be back up as soon as next week.

MSM quiet, secondary MSM fails to report, Gateway Pundit nails it

and a lil OP-ED on the Conspiracy to Quell American Speech

Most MSM outlets only published the fact that the creator (not current owner) of 8chan, stated that the current owner will “lie to congress.” Breitbart incompletely reported that cloudflare dropped DNS services for 8chan, when cloudflare’s standard anti-speech tactic is to drop DNS and DDOS protection services as well as take steps to block any attempts to join back up and use their services. Arstechnica repeated the MSM garble that 8chan is a hotbed for violent extremists. NBC of course simply incorrectly reported that 8chan has been offline ever since cloudflare dropped it (not true, they were back up with bitmitigate for a bit, then “voluntarily” down again), and hilariously and highly ironically published a direct threat from the founder of 8chan against 8chan, which we will not republish (it is linked below, at the bottom of the msm.com link). Cloudflare, in their 8chan dropping statement even stated they work with a well-known anti-1st-Amendment group the ADL – – a common example of doublespeak in these industries.

Besides hope that 8chan may return, and the internet will have it’s (only 20% glow) site for free speech back, what we can take away from this fiasco is that the media companies, the tech companies, and governement are all teamed up against peoples’ human right to speak freely. Heck, even 8chan’s parent company NT Technologies got booted by it’s corporate registrar company! To some, the very few people that run all these industries and our government currently attempting to abolish and outlaw speech was already well known. Now, it should be clear to all – centuries of judges supporting hateful and offensive speech as legally protected under the 1st Amendment are being eroded by bad actors from every sector. This should be a wake up call to all in power that believe in human rights and the signal to take steps to investigate and prosecute those that are currently attempting to wipe the American Constitution and Bill of Rights from the annals of history.








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