On Tuesday night Democratic donor Ed Buck was arrested after a man survived a methamphetamine overdose at Buck’s residence in Los Angeles.

Prosecutors say that Buck refused to help the victim after administering, by injection, two heavy doses of methamphetamine. The victim then fled the residence and called 911 from a gas station near by and was taken to the hospital to receive help.

According to KTLA,

“Buck is charged with three counts of battery causing serious injury, administering methamphetamine and maintaining a drug house, officials said in a news conference.”

This is the third time that a man has overdosed in Buck’s apartment. The previous two incidents had resulted in death for the victim. The first victim Gemmel Moore, died on July 27, 2017 of a methamphetamine overdose, but prosecutors declined to press charges. The second victim Timothy Dean, died of a methamphetamine overdose on January 7, 2019, but was ruled an accidental death.

As we had previously reported Ed Buck is also being sued by the mother of Gemmel Moore in a civil case, claiming Buck was involved in human trafficking and revenge porn.

Time will tell to see if justice will be served in this case.

Author: 777 Media Source