Trump Campaign Slams Biden For Agreeing to Only Three Debates

Trump Campaign Slams Biden For Agreeing to Only Three Debates

Trump’s campaign slammed ‘Hiden Biden’ for agreeing to only three debates in the fall.

Trump wanted four general election presidential debates and Biden only agreed to three.

Fox News reported:

“While I know no formal debate invitation will be issued to Joe Biden or Donald Trump until after the Party Conventions and the CPD’s invitation process, I wanted to set forth our views on how the Commission should proceed with planning for the fall debates,” Dillon wrote.

“First, once formally invited, Vice President Biden will accept and participate in the Commission’s planned Presidential candidates’ debates for September 29, October 15, and October 22; his running mate will participate in the Vice Presidential candidates’ debate set for October 7,” she wrote. “We hope that President Trump and Vice President Pence will similarly indicate their willingness to participate.”

She added: “Joe Biden looks forward to facing Donald Trump in a multi-debate series that the American people have come to expect from their leaders; we hope that President Trump would not break that tradition or make excuses for a refusal to participate.”

President Trump’s 2020 Comms director blasted Biden.

“It’s pretty obvious that Joe Biden’s handlers are afraid to send their candidate out without a script and teleprompter handy. An earlier and longer debate schedule is necessary so Americans can see the clear difference between President Trump’s vibrant leadership and Biden’s confused meandering,” Tim Murtaugh, Trump’s 2020 comms director said in a statement.

Trump’s deputy comms director Ali Pardo slammed Biden for going a whopping 81 days without a press conference and turning down a 4th debate.

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