Calling Patriots: Please Help with The Gateway Pundit’s Filming and Documentation of Voter Fraud

Calling Patriots: Please Help with The Gateway Pundit’s Filming and Documentation of Voter Fraud

Calling All Patriots — Please Help Us with Filming and Documenting the 2020 Fraud

Mitt Romney says there’s no fraud to be found!
CNN says there was no fraud.
Fox News says there was no fraud.
says there was no fraud.
Tucker Carlson
says there was no fraud.

Anti-Trump RINOs are saying there was no fraud.

And yet your Gateway Punditin two weeks, found and documented over 36 witnesses in Michigan alone! And we have even more to document and release!

On top of that The Gateway Pundit has published numerous exclusives on The Historic Theft of the 2020 Election.

We need your help!

IMMEDIATELY after election night when it was clear what happened, The Gateway Pundit assembled a rapid response team of journalists from around the country.

Led by Gateway Pundit contributors Ben Wetmore and Patty McMurray, the team focused on eyewitnesses to voter fraud in Michigan.  Ben brought together journalists to begin video interviewing DOZENS of witnesses to the 3 a.m.Biden Ballot Dump, thug tactics used to prevent poll watching, ballots forged in bulk, the same ballot sets tabulated dozens of times, dead voters voting, poll workers coached to destroy ballots from people they don’t like, poll workers coached to ignore poll challenges, and dozens of other types of election fraud.

Gateway Pundit has been releasing these video interviews – and we have MUCH more yet to release.  In fact, we’re STILL interviewing witnesses.  We have shared our evidence with President Trump’s attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell.  Gateway Pundit efforts have been instrumental in inspiring conservative politicians to hold the line in Michigan, Wisconsin, and other states.

Many of the investigators who flew in from out of state, did so on their own dime and out of their love for their country and faith in President Trump.  As you might imagine, the costs of keeping a team of journalists on the ground in Michigan for two (2) weeks has been huge.

We need your help!  We’re calling on all Patriots to help out Gateway Pundit investigators so they can just have their expenses covered for their transportation, lodging, fuel, food, and equipment. We still have more evidence to collect and release, and we need your help to continue working on this project. We have a tight budget to cover our ongoing expenses and we’re almost halfway to our goal.  We have to get these videos out before it’s too late, before the legal cases end and the news cycle shifts.

The left-wing fact-check organizations have already tried to ‘debunk’ our reporting on this topic, but they have been left with nothing to ‘debunk’ because we are taping witness statements and releasing those statements.

If we let Mitt Romney and CNN tell America that there was no fraud, they will not only get away with the steal but they will also convince our people that they’re crazy for noticing the obvious: Biden did not win these states fairly and no one seems to be looking into it.

This is a massive battle for the soul of the nation.  Unlike a number of news outlets which have shown their true colors, Gateway Pundit has continued reporting the accurate facts, all of which support President Trump – and we’ll never surrender our fight for the truth.  PLEASE HELP!

– Jim Hoft


P.S. – Every dollar you can give today will go to documenting and uncovering voter fraud in Michigan and future Gateway Pundit investigations and legal defense. We have excellent footage so far, but we have amazing whistleblowers who have come forward. If you can help us, we can get the remaining footage out in the next week, which will be critical! Every dollar raised will go to this effort!

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