SpaceX Astronauts In New Spacesuits Are Expected to Reach International Space Station Today

SpaceX Astronauts In New Spacesuits Are Expected to Reach International Space Station Today

The spacesuits for the astronauts going to the International Space Station are intentionally different than anything you have seen before.

Air and Space reports:

When you watch astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley make their way out to the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule to launch to the International Space Station on the Demo-2 mission, you will notice that their spacesuits look different than the ones you are used to seeing. They appear sleeker than the Sokol launch and entry suits that astronauts wear for launch onboard the Soyuz capsule that has been carrying crews to the ISS for the last nine years. They bear even less resemblance to the orange “pumpkin suits,” also known as Advanced Crew Escape System (ACES) suits, that Space Shuttle crews wore when riding the shuttle to orbit or the space station. It should not be surprising that the suits, like many things related to Elon Musk’s SpaceX operation, intentionally look unlike anything that has gone before them.

Insider reports that the spacesuits developed for the SpaceX astronauts are not the only new events this week in the space adventure.

Though the NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley weren’t able to launch on Wednesday because of poor weather, they did get a chance to show the world SpaceX’s sleek new spacesuits.

The rocket company’s first crewed launch, which has been pushed back to Saturday, will mark the first time NASA astronauts have launched in an American spacecraft since 2011. It will also be the first time people have ever flown a commercially developed spaceship.

Elon Musk’s company worked with NASA to develop the black-and-white, form-fitting one-piece suits, as well as the spaceship overall, called Crew Dragon. The suits are designed to plug into the capsule’s seats.

The crew did launch on Saturday and were expected to arrive at the space station this morning at around 10:27 ET.

“I personally spent a lot of time — it took us three, almost four years to design these suits that both look good and work well,” Musk said during NASA’s live coverage of the launch attempt on Wednesday.

Spacesuits are essentially complex, personalized, human-shaped spacecraft — they must be comfortable for the astronauts to wear during long flights inside small spacecraft while protecting them from changes in oxygen levels and pressure.

Musk has focused on the appearance of SpaceX’s suits since the company began designing them several years ago.

The New York Times reported that Musk tapped Jose Fernandez, a costume designer for superhero movies such as “Batman v Superman,” “The Fantastic Four,” “The Avengers,” “X-Men II,” among others, to create a prototype.

The US is back in the space age.

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