“That Is the Power of Our Elections … We Have to Retain the Ability to Scrutinize the Result When There is a Question.” – AZ Rep. Finchem on the Maricopa County Audit

“That Is the Power of Our Elections … We Have to Retain the Ability to Scrutinize the Result When There is a Question.” – AZ Rep. Finchem on the Maricopa County Audit

Representative Mark Finchem was on the War Room with Steve Bannon this morning and he discussed the audit going on in Maricopa County We also caught up with him this evening to discuss the day’s events.

Steve Bannon: “Tell us exactly what’s going on?”

Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem: “The screenshot that you have is a remote feed, anybody can watch this … You want to talk about ultimate transparency!”

“Yesterday, late in the day a certain number of Democrats, including [Maricopa County] Supervisor Gallardo, filed for a Temporary Restraining Order … actually [their filings] read like Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.”

Right off the bat the admission that Maricopa County Superior Court, it’s already been litigated … then we go onto a letter to the current Secretary of State [Democrat] Katie Hobbs which does everything but question the election … everything but support transparency.” “If there’s a conspiracy theory here it’s the Democrats. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

“After this TRO was filed my phone blew up with the most vile messages … they are absolutely besides themselves that this is moving forward.”

SB: “Mark, you’re a pretty tough hombre … what type of threats?”

MF: “F-bombs all over the place. You’re a fraud, you’re an embarrassment to your nation.” “There’s at least 100 messages from all around the country.” [We’re over the target.]

SB: “This is a global story. This gets to the central beating heart of [the issue] … History is being made out in Arizona.”

“Is the complaint, is it completely factual?” “Are they telling the truth?”

MF: “No they’re not .. the thing I find most disturbing, the outright misrepresentation, if not lie …it is just a short sentence [in the complaint] … ‘ Plaintiff will suffer irreparable harm absent the entry of an injunction because the private information of its members – including how they voted in the 2020 General Election  – will be placed into the hands of unknown, untrained agents of the Private Auditors without the  protections guaranteed by statute and the EPM.‘ ”

“With mail-in ballots, the ballot is separated from the envelope. [So, they’re claiming that the confidentiality of ballots will be exposed in this audit], that is nothing but an outright fabrication.”

“Shame on these Democratic lawyers.” “For this type of representation [there are people in the Arizona Senate who] are going to seek to have these attorneys dis-barred.”

MF: “They went back to Maricopa County Court … this is the very same court which sustained [the Senate’s case] … If that doesn’t work, I fully expect them to … go to the Federal government [Federal court].” “[However], the Federal Courts have said repeatedly … this is [a legislative issue].”

“Had the Senate not hired agents to act on their [the Senate’s] behalf … we’d be hearing from the Democrats that this is a partisan thing.”

“[Arizona state Senate President] Karen Fann has tried to make this as apolitical as possible.”

SB: “They’re going to fight … all of it. Constantly.”

“Mark, how do people follow you? … Tell us what this audience needs to do.”

MF: “People can follow me on:

GAB: azhoneybadger
Parler: markfinchem

Write me a short email at mark@me.com, place in the subject line the word journal.”

“When it comes for support to this process, as much as Karen [Fann] has received all kinds of accolades … the real action is to rain emails on the Democrat members of the [Arizona] Senate.”

“That is the power of our elections … We have to retain the ability to scrutinize the result when there is a question.”

Representative Finchem’s discussion with Steve Bannon starts at the 10:45 mark in the video below:

This evening Jim and I had a quick chat with Representative Finchem.  This was after it was announced that the Democrats will not pay the $1 million bond and the Maricopa County audit will continue.  Here are our notes from that discussion:

Mark mentioned that lots of volunteers are calling him and leaving messages and offering to volunteer to help with the audit.  He said the level of community support for the audit is unbelievable.

Mark believes that the Democrats unfortunately believe the audit is about President Trump but it is not.  This audit is about what is great and maybe greatest about our country:

The power of the US elections is that we have the ability to scrutinize an election when the people have serious doubts about its results.

He doesn’t believe the Democrats are done in Arizona.  They may be looking to move this to a federal court.

Today it said something when the Democrats didn’t want to pay $1 million to pay for expenses for stalling the work going on.  That may be an indication that they don’t believe they have a good case.  As a matter of fact, this case may have in part been addressed already.  This could be a reason to disbar some of the attorneys for bringing this frivolous case.

One observation is that to date, not one Democrat has said there are millions who question this election, let’s do an audit to confirm to the world that the results were accurate.

Mark is “not ready to do the happy dance yet”.

Finally, Mark mentions that this should be a non-partisan event but the Democrats don’t want to participate.

Rep. Mark Finchem (R), the man who’s been a big force behind getting this Maricopa County forensic audit off the ground, keeping the public outside of Arizona updated, and also in supporting the process of a factual, honest, transparent audit in Arizona – with the help of many, many others, as he would be quick to say – has announced his candidacy for Arizona Secretary of State in 2022.

Deplorables and patriots in Arizona should be jumping for joy at that news Mark is running for Secretary of State, given his clear and evident support of true and honest election integrity.

Here is Mark Finchem’s campaign website: https://votefinchem.com/about/

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