Knowledge Is Power When the World Falls Into Hysteria Responding to Events Like COVID, Climate Change, and CRT

Knowledge Is Power When the World Falls Into Hysteria Responding to Events Like COVID, Climate Change, and CRT

Guest post by Bob Bishop

Mass psychosis is an insanity epidemic that occurs when a large segment of society loses reality and descends into delusions. 

Mass psychosis can arise when a large part of society views themselves as irrelevant and impotent, failing to control their lives. These debilitated individuals are vulnerable to collective ideologies and mass movements promoted by the rise of State tyranny. The State fosters neuroticism and nihilism to control the masses while pushing out Christianity that provides reason and common decency.

In America’s history, the most notorious and famous mass hysteria was the 1692 Salem witch trials costing nineteen lives while dozens languished in jail. The moral lesson is politicized group-think, misinformation, coercion, scapegoating, and fear-mongering that create mass hysteria applicable to today’s contemporary events.

The Ideologues sow societal fear so the government can solve it, a divide and prosper strategy. Tactics that advance their totalitarian vision.  Below are some examples of this that we are living through now.

Climate Change Hysteria

Climate change mysticism has its roots in the Marxist counter-revolution of the late 1960s. The Gaia cult leader was Ira Einhorn, instrumental in creating and launching Earth Day in 1970. He was the master of ceremonies at the first rally televised globally. Corporations burnished their public image by tithing Einhorn with public speaking and consulting fees. In 1977, Einhorn bludgeoned his girlfriend to death and composted the body in a trunk stored in his bedroom closet. Einhorn is an allegory for the climate change movement, the personification of nature, and callousness towards humanity.

Despite 50 years of failed apocalyptic forecasts of man-made climate change, fear-mongering has been amplified, promoting a 2030 extinction event. Consuming the climate change dogma is like a street psychotropic drug that alters perception.

Doomsday prophecy issued by dishonest politicians, corporate titans, and celebrities cast themselves as saviors and proclaim they are folks of reason and science, not delusional psychopaths. The unreliable green energy (mega-expensive hydrocarbon derivative) solution to reduce carbon dioxide will cost trillions of tax-payer dollars and will be a grift for the elites.

The true believers demand an inquisition of climate change deniers they consider heretics. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, with the support of Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, proposed using RICO to target climate skeptics. The crowd’s favorite pseudo scientist Bill Nye, PBS’s “Science Guy,” has called for jail time for climate change deniers.  The United Nations has piled on by demanding justice for climate crimes. These Salem witch trials have unfinished business.


The novel Covid-19 is a lethal virus for high-risk individuals who are morbidly obese, have comorbidities, have an autoimmune disease, or are sixty-five years or older (80% of deaths). Most Covid-19 reported deaths were, in fact, a secondary cause. The health bureaucrats failed by locking down society, and instituting mask mandates, mass testing, contact tracing, and social distancing, instead of a rational selective quarantine of those at high risk. A totalitarian-style state of control even though the survival rate was 99.9%.

The government media complex, big tech, and federal and state governments were quick to conduct a poison propaganda campaign branding those reluctant to take the experimental therapeutic vaccine as far-right extremists and domestic terrorists. A crusade of ramping up hysteria, lies, and hatred, led to the destruction of the First Amendment. The vaccine-coercers were effective in triggering the state immunity system.

Hysterical and fearful of getting sick and dying, a large segment of the brain-washed public are metaphorically cult members of the Branch Covidians that worship Dr. Fauci and the CDC. Those taking the experimental vaccine are baptized and “saved.” Those who don’t are damned and considered heretics deserving McCarthy-like persecution and blacklisting for embracing anti-science or conspiracy theories.

Prayer Candle of Saint Fauci, The Valiant

Marxist CRT Indoctrination

Critical Race Theory, a bastardized version of Marxism, dwells on inequalities of outcome. Its basic principle is to judge white people by their skin color, labeling them irredeemable racists. CRT’s Black Lives Matter has vaulted to the top of the grievance hierarchy industry.

CTR laid the foundation for BLM supporters into attacking police, looting, burning down businesses, confronting restaurant-goers and demanding submission, and tearing down statutes. Polarization is the outcome, and it attempts to intimidate or insult people into agreeing with the CRT and wealth redistribution. CRT is figuratively blood libel.

Federal agencies, military, corporations, and educational institutions have mandatory brainwashing workshops addressing white privilege and systematic racism, which are both mythological. Corporations and Private Foundations donated hundreds of millions that are part of a grift. BLM’s long march is Federal reparations estimated to cost up to $14 trillion.

America’s foundation is the idea of equality under the law using enlightened rationalism, not equity. Incorporating CRT into law and regulations would be an illegitimate use of power to destroy the rule of law and the Constitution.

The Fourth Turning

The Fourth Turning by Neil Howe and William Strauss is a generational theory that reasons history moves in 80-year cycles divided into 20-year cycles. The cycles like nature’s four seasons are High, Awaking, Unraveling, and Crisis. America has been through three 4th Turnings from the American Revolution to the Civil War to World War II. The current madness indicates America is entering the Crisis cycle.

The Ideologues fabricate multiple crises inflaming hysteria, and then claim moral authority to solve and end the problems.  Their solutions lead to a more intrusive and more authoritarian government.

Knowledge Is Power

There will continue to be disruptive change but we can disengage by associating with other like-minded individuals while knowing we are the majority in the US today.  Together and with God on our side, we will always win.

Bob Bishop is a retired corporate CPA.

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