AZ SENATE HEARING: Live Blog of the Audit Hearing (VIDEO)

AZ SENATE HEARING: Live Blog of the Audit Hearing (VIDEO)

The Arizona Senate Hearing on the Maricopa County forensic audit opened today at 1 PM eastern.

Here again, is the live-stream video.

Here is a summary of the items shared today by the Arizona Senate in regards to their audit of the 2020 Election results in Maricopa County.

Senator Karen Fann led the meeting.

She started by noting that some people are not able to get to the site because of high traffic and offered alternatives to watch the meeting.

The meeting is an update and a briefing of the results.

The guests were as follows:

  • Doug Logan from Cyber Ninjas
  • Ken Bennett – former Arizona Secretary of State
  • Ben Cotton – cyber expert

Logan started and shared what will be presented then shared a video about the audit.

An audit expert reported on the audit and shared it is the most transparent and efficient and best chain of control in an audit ever.  A number of individuals participated in completing the audit.  They insured no issues with COVID and people were required to wear masks when on the floor.  They had first aid stations available.  Traning was essential and everyone was trained in their position.  There were microscopes and camera technology in examining audits.

The culture was excellent.  The chain of custody was excellent.  The ballots in ballot boxes were examined and put back in the same order in which they were reviewed.   The team attempted to design the audit so that it was beyond reproach.

Many volunteers gave up hours.  Over 1,500 were involved in the process.  Over 80,000 hours were given to get to this point.

Have tallied all the ballots.  Now working through evaluation to ensure results are perfect.

Then Fann shared that the entire audit was voted on by the Republicans in the Senate to ensure the electoral process is working.  A number of people believed there were problems with the election and so the Senate listened so they could go back to polls in the future and know the election is free and fair.  Fann explained how the audit was the senate’s responsibility to prove to the Arizona public that their ballot is sacred.

Next Ken Bennett spoke and thanked those who helped him.  He spoke to the chain of custody.  There was continuous and complete chain of custody while everything was in their possession.  Every box was signed for when taken out and when returned to ‘the corral.  There were over 1,600 boxes that were reviewed.  Boxes will be resealed before being returned and in the same order they were found.

One of the items subpoenaed and has not been provided.  Chain of custody reports were requested from the County related to the ballots in their custody.  The documents of the chain of custody were not provided from the County.  The County will not provide any more.



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