Nasty and corrupt Democrat Representative Jamie Raskin is the ultimate Democrat in Congress.  He lies almost as often as Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff.  This is why he’s on the sham Jan 6 Committee. 

Over the weekend Republican Representative Thomas Massie in the US House tweeted the following exchange between himself and corrupt Democrat Jamie Raskin.  Massie accused the Democrats on the Jan 6 Committee of covering up for Ray Epps, the infamous participant on Jan 6 who currently runs free while others who did less than Epps on Jan 6, rot in jail with huge sentences for protesting the stolen 2020 Election.

Corrupt Raskin claims to have no idea who Ray Epps is.

Numerous individuals on Twitter responded with reminders for dirty Raskin on who the notorious Ray Epps is.

Innocent Americans are being round up and accused of serious crimes with years in prison while Jamie Raskin and the Jan 6 committee allow Ray Epps to roam free.

“RAY EPPS RECRUITED ME!” – Political Prisoner Writes Tell-All Letter From Prison About His Experience with the Notorious Operative Ray Epps

TGP reported last week that Raskin stood up for Epps in the same exchange with Massie.  Now we know he also claimed he has no idea who Ray Epps is.

LOL! Jan 6 Witch Hunt Committee Member Jamie Raskin Defends “Poor” Ray Epps…”Leave that guy alone!…He’s just trying to survive, and he’s on your side!” [VIDEO]

Rep Raskin is who our founding fathers warned us about which is why he hates Americans who love this country, its history and the truth. 

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