Dozens of documents connected to late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s associates will be released to the general public following a judge’s ruling on Friday that the public interest overrides the right to privacy, Daily Mail reported.

Unsealing dozens of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates-related documents was ordered by Judge Loretta Preska, a senior judge for the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Judge Preska ruled that the documents pertaining to eight people could be released, despite objections from Tom Pritzker, billionaire executive chairman of the Hyatt Hotels, stating that doing so would “wrongfully affect (his) privacy and reputation.”

Dozens of documents relating to late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s associates will be UNSEALED

— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) November 18, 2022

Daily Mail reported:

Among those whose names are mentioned in the documents are Emmy Tayler, Ghislaine Maxwell‘s former personal assistant, who was accused of taking part in the sexual abuse of minors.

The Gateway Pundit joined the hearing earlier this morning.

At the end of July, The Gateway Pundit reported on our legal efforts to unseal the list of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex clients – the men and women with whom Epstein traded sex with minors for favors or money or both.

TGP Lead Counsel Marc Randazza of the Randazza Legal Group and TGP General Counsel John Burns moved to intervene in the Ghislaine Maxwell case in the Southern District of New York.

However, something truly bizarre and unexpected happened.

An anonymous John Doe – literally styled by his lawyer as “John Doe” – filed an objection to TGP unsealing the sex client list … and the Court SIDED WITH THE JOHN DOE over the interests of the press and public to know what happens in one of the most remarkable court cases in US history.

We now know there are several John Does.

Today Judge Loretta Preska announced the material concerning eight people should be unsealed despite one subject claiming it could ‘wrongfully harm (his) privacy and reputation.


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