Senate Introducing Resolution To Condem Antifa

On July 18th, Senator Ted Cruz(R-TX) and Senator Bill Cassidy(R-LA) introduced a resolution to the U.S Senate condemning Antifa’s acts of violence and calling for Antifa to be designated as a domestic terrorist organization. Senator Ted Cruz stated, “Antifa is a group of hateful, intolerant radicals who pursue their unhinged agenda through aggressive violence. Time […]

Antifa Strikes Again — Each Time Nothing’s Done, The Situation Will Get Worse!

Over this past weekend there was a rally held in Portland, Oregon by the Proud Boys called “Him Too.” The Proud Boys are a right-winged group that is the counter organization to the left-wing Antifa. Before the protest even got started there was a violent outbreak by Antifa, who was at the event to counter-protest. […]